Luqmaan Dawoodjee


I'm chief antelope at Ordoro.

I also do some stuff for Open Austin.

some old projects


Grand Prize Winner of the Tampa Mayor's Hackathon. An SMS system that allows HART passengers to to find out when the next buses will arrive. Simply send a text with the location ID (already posted at each stop) and route number, and the server responds with the arrival times for that stop. Also works in Spanish. Uses Google's GTFS data for bus arrival times and Twilio's REST API for the SMS.

Goodbye Quora Embed Button

A tiny Google Chrome extension that stops the Embed Quote button on Quora from popping up when text is selected. Over 100 users. Works by cloning Quora's HoverMenu.doShow() function and replacing it with a new functon that checks the source of the hover.

BullRunner App

An iPhone app for the USF BullRunner. Determines your location and automatically displays nearby stops and arrival times. The official mobile site was too slow to use several times a day, so I built this.


A web server and scraper that notifies users when the price of products change. Built using Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy and PhantomJS.

Reeves Kiosk

An Android-based kiosk placed in International Plaza for luxury car dealership Reeves. The kiosk, written using JavaScript and Phonegap, follows the MVC pattern, works offline, and performs bi-directional synchronisations of car data, base-64 encoded images, and new leads.